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"A brand is no longer what we tell the consumers it is – rather, it is what consumers tell each other it is." SCOTT COOK

Co-maker is not your typical influencer agency. Everything we do is bespoke and designed to deliver the best possible result for our clients. We live and breathe co-creation, ensuring we work collaboratively with influencers and brands every step of the way.

Fanta Halloween #CauldronChallenge

Fanta Halloween #CauldronChallenge

Having lost relevancy with its core audience, Fanta challenged us to recapture their attention. Understanding that Gen Z wanted little to do with brands, we took Fanta to a place where no FMGC brand in Australia had gone before – TikTok.

Using influencers and an in-house produced track to leverage one of the biggest social events of the year (Halloween), we challenged teens to demonstrate their creative expression through the #CauldronChallenge.

Creating Australia's biggest influencer program
Dyson Australia

Creating Australia's biggest influencer program

We partnered with Dyson to create 'The Dyson Squad' – the biggest 'always on' influencer campaign in Australia.

By tapping into the brand's huge fanbase, we created a program that built relationships with the most influential people, by providing them with the latest products, as well as creating unique events and experiences.

Inspiring Aussies to

Inspiring Aussies to "Go After It"

Our Afterpay 'A-Team' were made up of fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creators, who inspired everyday Aussies to 'go after' their goals and take charge of their money.

Drought education through Co-maker
Sydney Water

Drought education through Co-maker

To spread awareness of Sydney's drought and the importance of saving water, we created 'The Drought-Proof Garden' which popped up in the middle of Martin Place. Working with content creators, including gardening influencer @theplanthunter, we developed engaging educational content and plant workshops for consumers.

Bringing to life Blistex's offering

Bringing to life Blistex's offering

We partnered with a range of beauty influencers to showcase Blistex's range of products across different seasons.

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