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Havas Host Australia is a Creative, Technology and Innovation agency. We make brands matter through customer analysis and creative solutions.

We Are Havas Host

At Havas Host we are the creative growth partner for clients, helping them grow boldly and brilliantly, while growing sustainably and purposefully. We are committed to making a meaningful difference to brands, businesses and people by helping our clients to not just grow, but to grow well. Research shows that people wouldn’t mind if 75% of brands disappeared tomorrow. So, we exist to help our clients be in the 25% of brands that people find indispensable. We create work designed to make a meaningful difference to the way businesses and brands show up in the world, the way they operate and grow in the world, and the way they connect with the people most important to them. Our work is grounded in robust life-shaped thinking that allows us to identify the problems we can solve and the opportunities we can maximise right across the customer experience. As a result, we create ideas that not only meet and exceed clients’ objectives but thrive in an attention-poor world.
Crime Interrupted
Australian Federal Police

Crime Interrupted

The Australian Federal Police need a more diverse pool of skilled recruits to keep a step ahead of serious crime. So we made a different kind of recruitment campaign. We created over 6 hours of gripping, binge-worthy recruitment ads. Not an ad in the traditional sense, but a 6-part true crime podcast called Crime Interrupted. It was co-created with Casefile – Australia’s number 1 podcaster – and it opened the vault on some of the country’s biggest criminal cases, from human trafficking to impending terrorism attacks, and showed how a diverse range of skillsets was instrumental in bringing them down. By episode 2, Crime Interrupted was Australia’s second most popular podcast (we’re coming for you, Joe Rogan).

Tourism Fiji

Fiji. Where happiness comes naturally.

After winning a hotly contested global pitch for Tourism Fiji, we set out to show the country in a completely new light with a brand platform that showed how, in Fiji, happiness isn’t some gimmick that gets turned on for tourists - it exists whether they’re there or not. The result was ‘Where happiness comes naturally’. From working with National Geographic photographers to recording music in villages and VO in the three primary languages of Fiji, - our new platform celebrates the authentic happiness that runs culture-deep in Fiji, rather than simply presenting locals in service to tourists.

Palau Legacy Project

The Palau Pledge

A small rubber stamp helped a nation facing a very big problem. Palau welcomes over 160,000 tourists every year. But these same people who sustain the economy of the island are also destroying its fragile ecology. Palau needed to retain its warm and welcoming spirit but instil more environmentally conscious behaviour in its visitors.

The answer: the Palau Pledge - a new entry visa process whereby all arriving visitors must now sign a pledge, stamped in their passports, signing them up to be environmental stewards. This mandatory agreement, dedicated to the children of Palau, is a promise to act in an environmentally responsible way on the island, and is the first such immigration policy in the world.


Get to the good stuff

We helped travellers leave the brand in their 'rearview mirror' by delivering a creative platform that helped them enjoy the perks of Budget more by seeing them less.

Air New Zealand

Bring on Winter

After the disappointing final season of Game of Thrones, fans were desperate for a better ending to the series. So Air New Zealand offered to help George R.R. Martin finish his long-awaited 'The Winds of Winter' with a trip to a nation bursting with creativity – New Zealand.

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